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Organizing Committee

Sung Hwan Park (Daegu Catholic Univ. Medical Center)

Sehwan Han (Ajou Univ. Hospital)


Woochul Noh (Korea Cancer Center Hospital)

Secretary General

Sang Uk Woo (Korea Univ. Guro Hospital)

Assistant Secretary General

Sung Gwe Ahn (Gangnam Severance Hospital)

Eun Jeong Jo (Say-You Clinic)

Eun-Kyu Kim (Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital)

Hee-Jeong Kim (ASAN Medical Center)

Seung Ah Lee (CHA Bundang Medical Center)

Min-Ki Seong (Korea Cancer Center Hospital)

Scientific Program Committee

Jeong Eon Lee (Samsung Medical Center)

Jin-Hee Ahn (ASAN Medical Center)

Exhibition Committee

Cheol Wan Lim (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Bucheon)

Conference Planning Committee

Joon Jeong (Gangnam Severance Hospital)

Sung-Bae Kim (ASAN Medical Center)

International Cooperation Committee

Joohyuk Sohn (Yonsei Cancer Center)

Public Relations Committee

Min Hee Hur (Inha Univ. Hospital)

Information Committee

Su Hwan Kang (Yeungnam Univ. Medical Center)

Hak Chang (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)

Registration Committee

Wonshik Han (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)

In Ah Kim (Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital)

Social Program Committee

Heung Kyu Park (Gachon Univ. Gil Hospital)

Local Management Committee

Chang Wan Jeon (Kosin Univ. Gospel Hospital)

Gyungyub Gong (ASAN Medical Center)

Protocol Committee

Boo-Kyung Han (Samsung Medical Center)

Finance Committee

Tae Hyun Kim (Inje Univ. Busan Paik Hospital)

Nursing Care Committee

Eunkyung Hwang (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)

International Relations Committee

Young-Jin Suh (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, St. Vincent's Hospital)

Keun Seok Lee (National Cancer Center)

Publication Committee

Sung-Won Kim (Daerim St. Mary's Hospital)

General Practitioner Committee

Jin Woo Ryu (Angelot Woman Hospital)

Conference Operating Committee

Yeon Hee Park (Samsung Medical Center)

Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee

Jeoungwon Bae (Korea Univ. Anam Hospital)

Eil-Sung Chang (Say-You Clinic)

Se Heon Cho (Dong-A Univ. Medical Center)

Hyun Cheol Chung (Yonsei Cancer Center)

Young-Hyuck Im (Semsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan Univ. School of Medicine)

Sang Seol Jung (KyungHee Univ. Medical Center)

Sung Hoo Jung (Jeonbuk National Univ. Hospital)

Bum-Hwan Koo (Emeritus Professor, Korea Univ.)

Min-Hyuk Lee (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Seoul)

Soo-Jung Lee (Yeungnam Univ. Medical Center)

Dong-young Noh (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)

Nam-Sun Paik (Ewha Womans Univ. Cancer Center for Women)

Chanheun Park (Kangbuk Samsung Hospital)

Hee Sook Park (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Seoul)

Jung Sil Ro (National Cancer Center)

Byung-Joo Song (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital)

Chang-Ok Suh (CHA Bundang Medical Center)

Jung-Hyun Yang (Konkuk Univ. Medical Center)

Keun-Young Yoo (Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital)

Jung Han Yoon (Chonnam National Univ. Hwasun Hospital)

Steering Committee
Steering Committee

Sehwan Han (Ajou Univ. Hospital)

Min-Hyuk Lee (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Seoul)

Dong-young Noh (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)

Woochul Noh (Korea Cancer Center Hospital)

Chanheun Park (Kangbuk Samsung Hospital)

Byung-Joo Song (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital)

International Steering Committee
International Steering Committee

Christina Galvez (St Luke's Medical Center, Global, Philippines)

Chiun-Sheng Huang (National Taiwan Univ. Hospital, Taiwan)

Ava Kwong (Queen Mary Hospital, Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Seigo Nakamura (Showa Univ. School of Medicine, Japan)

Shinji Ohno (Cancer Institute Hospital, Japan)

Shyr-Ming Sheen-Chen (Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)

Masakazu Toi (Kyoto Univ. Hospital, Japan)

Janice Tsang (Hong Kong Breast Oncology Group (HKBOG), Hong Kong)

Yong-Sheng Wang (Shandong Cancer Hospital & Institute, China)

Hideko Yamauchi (St. Luke's International Hospital, Japan)

Yoon Sim Yap (National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore)

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