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About Seoul, Korea
About Seoul, Korea
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Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, is the heart of Korea’s culture and education as well as politics and economics. It is located in the western center of the Korean peninsula. With the Han River running across the city and magnificent and splendid mountains surrounding it, it is indeed the center of the peninsula, boastful of scenery rivaling that of any city in the world.

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Seoul is a business center of Northeast Asia and acts as a hub for business in the region and for the international consumption market and distribution based on a highly efficient finance and distribution system, highly competitive advanced digital industry and knowledge industry, and excellent traffic system from the airports to high-speed rail, motor-way, and port facilities.

Cultural Heritages

Global City and Hallyu


Seoul is served by two international airports. Incheon International Airport is the main airport located just 30 miles from Seoul while Gimpo International Airport is just 40 minutes away. A modern 12 line subway system connects every corner of Seoul and has signs, maps and announcements in English. Together with the bus lane system, implemented to prevent traffic congestion, and taxis with free interpretation service all combines to make getting around Seoul simple and economic.
  • ① Transportation
    • Fares can be paid by cash or transportation card. One-time boarding charges a flat-rate fare where you can pay by cash or transportation card.
      Seoul city buses offer a free ride for a maximum of 3 children under the age of 6 so long as they are accompanied by a guardian.
    • Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon buses and metropolitan subways are under the Metropolitan Integrated Fare System, so they charge a basic fare up to 10km. Using Seoul metropolitan buses, Gyeonggi-do general buses, non-stop deluxe buses, Incheon buses, and red buses for more than one transfer will cost a basic rate up to 30km, and you will be charged an extra 100 won for each additional 5 km (based on the adult fare).
  • ② Health Care
    • The Seoul Global Center (SGC) launched by Seoul Metropolitan Government operates a 24-hour Medical Referral Service (MRS) for foreign nationals. Medically trained and English-speaking staff provide information and recommendations on medical facilities and services. The MRS team has striven to provide quality medical information by regularly visiting medical facilities that offer medical services to foreigners. The team constantly seeks to make improvements by collecting feedback from foreign nationals.
  • ③ Entertainment
    • Seoul is an exciting city where day or night you have 24-hour access to various leisure and entertainment spots. Seoul attracts many famous performers year-round and provides a great variety of performances be it art, music, dance or theater. To top it all off after a show, you can still enjoy shopping or a soothing massage and spa treatment, providing a unique Seoul experience.

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