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The Global Breast Cancer Conference is a meeting of breast cancer held in Korea, started as a biennial meeting in 2007. Hosted by Korean Breast Cancer Society and supported by the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation, now it becomes one of the biggest breast cancer conferences in Asia. Starting in 2016, the GBCC takes place every year. Since its successful inception in 2007, the GBCC has brought together people from all walks of life including medical professionals, researchers, policymakers, patients, and guardians to come up with multi-scientific strategies to effectively diagnose and treat breast cancer, and to promote women's health. As one of the biggest breast cancer conferences in Asia, the GBCC has been preparing for the next 10 years to serve as a world-renowned hub for networking and research in breast cancer.


This conference aims to draw together scientists, researchers, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and policymakers to increase global awareness of breast cancer, enhance a better understanding of the disease and its medical treatments, and improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients.

01. To improve awareness of breast cancer by organizing an international breast cancer conference in Korea
02. To address health rights of women in relation to breast cancer prediction, prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship
03. To build collaboration that will promote services such as breast health education, screenings, and supportive care for women in Asia
04. To organize potential partnerships with local, national, and international organizations for increasing awareness, screening utilization and services of breast cancer
05. To evaluate participants' understanding of comprehensive breast cancer research and care
06. To create a road map for promoting breast cancer research in the fields of basic, clinical, and population research
Host Organization

Korean Breast Cancer Society

Established in 1999, Korean Breast Cancer Society (KBCS) was first started as Breast Cancer Research back in 1996. KBCS is aimed to promote quality assurance in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by carrying out clinical & research studies. It also supports enhancing the professional development of members and serves as communication channel to share valuable information and ideas and to build up interaction between its members. KBCS also promotes mutual cooperation with relevant domestic and international organizations to reach its ultimate goal.

The aim of Korean Breast Cancer Society is

· to encourage the research of breast cancer
· to communicate the knowledge of breast cancer
· to facilitate the friendship between members
· to cooperate with national and international breast specialists


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