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Valid passport (at least 6 months validity) and Korean visa are required to enter the Republic of Korea. For more accurate information, the secretariat of GBCC recommends you to contact a Korean Embassy in each country to ask whether you need to issue a visa and what the necessary documents are for visa issuance. It is also highly recommended to apply for visa at least one month before your departure for the Republic of Korea as your visa process may take time. For more information on visa issuance, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.

Invitation Letter

GBCC Secretariat will provide an invitation letter to support you in obtaining a visa or to enter the Republic of Korea. To receive the invitation letter, your registration and full payment are required. Please note that you will be able to download the invitation letter for visa issuance at MY PAGE once payment is received for your registration.


For those who do not require a Korean visa to enter the Republic of Korea must apply for K-ETA. It is highly recommended that you apply at least 72 hours before your departure to the Republic of Korea. The following is a list of items you may need for K-ETA application:
- Valid passport
- Valid email address
- Face image photo
- The address of your stay in Korea
    * If you are staying in the venue hotel, fill in the address as below.
      (04963) 177 Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea
- Credit or debit card that can be used to pay the fee
    * The fee is 10,000 KRW, which is approximately 9-10 USD, and additional fees may apply.

Please refer to the K-ETA website and K-ETA implementation document to find the list of K-ETA required countries and other details.

K-ETA Implementation Document

Procedures for Entering Korea

The following is a brief representation of the flow of entering Korea according to the latest rules (as of April 1)

*1: PCR tests based on DNA amplification (RT-PCR, LAMP, TMA, SDA, NEAR, etc.) are valid
*2: Recommended to proceed 1 day before your departure, after you have received your negative PCR Test results.
*3: PCR Negative Test Results taken within 48 hours prior to departure date required.
*4: Tested before 15:00 → Get the result in 4 hours
      Tested after 15:00 → Get the result after 8:00 am next day
*5: Seegene Medical Foundation
COVID-19 Test Result Requirements

For further information, please refer to the link below;

1. K-ETA:

2. The Q-Code Website:

3. The Incheon Airport Website:

4. COVID-19 Testing Center in the Airport:

5. Safe2GO (COVID-19 test Reservation in the Airport):

6. Other Certified Medical Center (Seegene Medical Foundation):

Global Breast Cancer Conference Secretariat

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