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Day 1, Oct 8 (Thu) Day 2, Oct 9 (Fri) Day 3, Oct 10 (Sat)
  • Panel 1: 
    Portraying Breast Cancer in Asia  
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • Matter of Gap - Breast Cancer Disparity
    Hee-Soon Juon (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Current Status of Breast Cancer in Korea
    Nam-Sun Paik (Konkuk Univ. Hospital, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Changing Patterns and Present Status of Female Breast Cancer in China over 30 Years
    Zhi-Ming Shao (Cancer Hospital, Fudan Univ., China)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Plenary 1
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • A Promising Future Therapeutic Strategy for Breast Cancer
    Eric P. Winer (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, U.S.A.)Slide View
  • Plenary 2
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • Evolution and Future Direction of Local Treatment for Breast Cancer
    Jay R. Harris (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Symposium 1: 
    Update - Breast Cancer Research Summaries after 2007  
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • Preclinical
    Soonmyung Paik (NSABP Foundation, Inc., U.S.A.)Slide View
  • Research Local Therapies
    Barbara L. Smith (Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Updates in Systemic Therapy of Breast Cancer
    Jo Anne Zujewski (National Cancer Institute, U.S.A.)Slide View
  • Symposium 2: 
    Psychosocial Needs of Women with Breast Cancer  
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • A Life Transformed: Living with Breast Cancer
    Bok Yae Chung (Kyungpook National Univ. College of Nursing, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Interventions to Enhance Breast Cancer Adjustment among Patients and Their Partners
    Wendy C. Budin (NYU Medical Center / New York Univ. College of Nursing, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Symposium 3: 
    Preoperative Systemic Therapy: Multidisciplinary Perspectives  
  • Venue:  
    Vista I+II
  • Preoperative Endocrine Therapy in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
    Sung Yong Kim (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Cheonan, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Preoperative Therapy in HER2+ Patients
    Jungsil Ro (National Cancer Center, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Surgical Issues in Preoperative Therapy
    Babara L. Smith (Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Pathological Issues in Preoperative Therapy
    Young Kyung Bae (Yeungnam Univ., College of Medicine, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Symposium 4: 
    Management of Symptom Clustering  
  • Venue:  
    Mugunghwa I
  • State of the Science on Cancer-related Fatigue (CRF): Measurement & Management: Where Is the Evidence, Where Are the Gaps?
    Babara F. Piper (Scottsdale Healthcare Univ. of Arizona, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • State of the Science on the Symptom Cluster
    Andrea Barsevick (Fox Chase Cancer Center, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Panel 2: 
    ABCS Session I: Sharing Ideas and Experiences of Clinical Trials  
  • Venue:  
    Mugunghwa I
  • Introduction of KBCSG
    Chanheun Park (Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, Korea)Slide View
  • Challenges in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
    Jo Anne Zujewski (National Cancer Institute, U.S.A.)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Hong Kong
    Ava Kwong (Tung Wah Hospital Breast Centre Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Sharing Ideas and Experiences of Clinical Trials in Taiwan
    Chiun-Sheng Huang (National Taiwan Univ. Hospital, Taiwan)Slide View
  • Clinical Trials in Korea
    Young-Hyuck Im (Samsung Medical Center, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Sharing Ideas and Experiences of Clinical Trials: India
    Sudeep Gupta (Tata Memorial Hospital, India)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: Experience in a Single Australian Institution
    Arlen Chan (Mount Breast Group, Mount Hospital, Australia)Slide View
  • Panel 3: 
    ABCS Session II: Guideline in Asia  
  • Venue:  
    Mugunghwa II
  • Overview and Japanese Guidelines to Diagnose/Treat Breast Cancer Patients
    Sung Yong Kim (On Behalf of Prof. Tadashi Ikeda) (Soonchunhyang Univ. College of Medicine, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Practice Guidelines for Breast Cancer - Philippine Society of Oncology
    Antonio H. Villalon (Manila Doctors’ Hospital, Philippines)Slide ViewAbstract
  • China
    Binghe Xu (Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Malaysia
    Cheng-Har Yip (Univ. Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Breast Cancer in Asia: Thailand's Experiences and Perspective
    Patrapim Sunpaweravong (Prince of Songkla Univ. Hospital, Thailand)Slide ViewAbstract
  • Practice Guideline of Breast Cancer in Korea
    Woo-Chan Park (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea)Slide ViewAbstract

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