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Scientific Program
Program at a Glance
Scientific Program
Invited Speakers
  • Satellite Symposium 2: 
    Satellite Symposium 2112
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Junior Doctors Forum: 
    Junior Doctors Forum109
  • Venue:  RM 4 (Walker Hall 2)
  • Symposium 4: 
    Immunotherapy Going Beyond the Current Limits66
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Tailoring Post-Neoadjuvant Treatment in TNBC-Current Treatment and Future Perspectives
    Sung Hoon Sim
     (National Cancer Center, Korea)
  • Overcoming Resistance of Immunotherapy in TNBC - Mechanism and Novel Treatment
    Soo-Chin Lee
     (National Univ. Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) Singapore, Singapore)
  • Expanding Immunotherapy Beyond TNBC - New Strategy in HER2 and ER Positive Breast Cancer
    Jee Hyun Kim
     (Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital, Korea)
  • Panel Discussion 5: 
    Confronting Unique Deterioration Caused by Estrogen Deprivation Therapy75
  • Venue:  RM 2 (Grand 1)
  • Addressing Sexual Health Disturbance During Endocrine Therapy: Unique Challenges Among Various Age Groups
    Tara Sanft
     (Yale School of Medicine, U.S.A.)
  • Current Therapeutic Options for Fertility Preservation: Challenges Ahead
    Matteo Lambertini
     (Univ. of Genova - IRCCS Policlinico San Martino Hospital, Italy)
  • Leveraging Bone Health Issue in Women Receiving Endocrine Therapy: Practical Applications and Future Perspectives
    So-Youn Jung
     (National Cancer Center, Korea)
  • Symposium 5: 
    Local Tumor Control in Metastatic Breast Cancer67
  • Venue:  RM 3 (Walker Hall 1)
  • Role of SBRT in Oligometastasis and Oligoprogression
    Jee Suk Chang
     (Yonsei Cancer Center, Korea)
  • Toilet RT in Symptomatic Advanced Breast Cancer
    Haeyoung Kim
     (Samsung Medical Center, Korea)
  • Optimal RT Approach for Intracranial Metastasis
    Yutaro Koide
     (Aichi Cancer Center Hospital, Japan)
  • Nursing Session 1: 
    Nursing Session 1102
  • Venue:  RM 5 (Art Hall)
  • Oral Presentation 5: 
    Oral Presentation 5120
  • Venue:  RM 6 (Grand 4)
  • Junior Doctors Debate: 
    Junior Doctors Debate110
  • Venue:  RM 4 (Walker Hall 2)
  • Symposium 6: 
    Tumor Heterogeneity and Dynamics in Breast Cancer: Unveiling Insights through Tissue and Liquid Biopsies63
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Clonal Evolution and Mutational Processes During Disease Progression
     (, )
  • Dynamics of Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Tumor Microenvironment (in Triple Negative Breast Cancer)
     (, )
  • Serial Circulating Tumor DNA Landscape Portraying Clonal Evolution
    Pedram Razavi
     (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • Policy on Breast Cancer: 
    Policy on Breast Cancer93
  • Venue:  RM 2 (Grand 1)
  • Education Session 4: 
    Less is More in Breast Cancer: Radiation Oncologists' Perspective80
  • Venue:  RM 3 (Walker Hall 1)
  • RT Omission in Low-Risk Elderly Patients
     (, )
  • RNI Issues in ypN0
    Kwon Jeanny
     (Chungnam National Univ. Hospital, Korea)
  • Tumor Bed Boost - When and How
     (, )
  • Nursing Session 2: 
    Nursing Session 2103
  • Venue:  RM 5 (Art Hall)
  • Session on Digital Health: 
    The New Era of Digital Leading Innovation in Healthcare85
  • Venue:  RM 6 (Grand 4)
  • Tech & Patient-Centric Cancer Care
    Eunsu Park
     (Lunit Care, Korea)
  • HRS: Standard-based Multi-institutional Research Platform
    Soo-Yong Shin
     (Kakao Healthcare, Korea)
  • Digital Healthcare 2024 : Age of Generative AI
    Koon-Ho Rha
     (Naver Healthcare, Korea)
  • Plenary Lecture 3: 
    Plenary Lecture 3123
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)

  • Tari King
     (Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • Satellite Symposium 3: 
    Satellite Symposium 3113
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Plenary Lecture 4: 
    Plenary Lecture 4124
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)

  • Christina Curtis
     (Stanford Univ., U.S.A.)
  • Symposium 7: 
    Neoantigen-Based Personalized Therapy69
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Neoantigen Analysis
    Jung Kyoon Choi
     (KAIST, Korea)
  • Neoantigen-Targeted Vaccine
    Soon Myung Paik
     (Theragen Bio, Korea)
  • Neoantigen-Targeted Cell Therapy
    Hee Jin Lee
     (Asan Medical Center, Korea)
  • Panel Discussion 6: 
    Surgical Management for Individuals with Germline Mutation Carriers76
  • Venue:  RM 2 (Grand 1)
  • Breast Conserving Surgery in Breast Cancer with BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers
    Tristen Park
     (Yale School of Medicine, U.S.A.)
  • Is All Unilateral Breast Cancer with BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers Recommended Contralateral Risk Reducing Mastectomy?
    Isabel T. Rubio
     (Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Spain)
  • Risk Reducing Mastectomy Beyond BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers
    Sung-Won Kim
     (Daerim St. Mary's Hospital, Korea)
  • Education Session 5: 
    Toxicity of Novel Agents: A Call for Attention81
  • Venue:  RM 3 (Walker Hall 1)
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates
    Janice Tsang
     (The Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Targeted Therapeutics in Hormone Positive Breast Cancers
    Yoon-Sim Yap
     (National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore)
  • Immunotherapies: Short and Long Term
    Kyung Eun Lee
     (Ewha Womans Univ. Mokdong Hospital, Korea)
  • Session on OPBS: 
    Session on OPBS84
  • Venue:  RM 4 (Walker Hall 2)
  • The Future of Oncoplastic Surgery: Innovations and Challenges in the Age of Personalized Breast Cancer Surgery
    Mee-Hoong See
     (Univ. Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia)
  • Oncoplastic Surgery in the Modern Era: Balancing Surgical Outcomes with Patient Satisfaction
    Jeeyeon Lee
     (Kyungpook National Univ. Chilgok Hospital, Korea)
  • Considerations for Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Patients at High Risk of Radiation Therapy
    Tomoyuki Yano
     (Cancer Institute Hospital, Japan)
  • Surgical Difficulty of Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy and Reconstruction Based on Mastectomy Incision Location
    Hyun Ho Han
     (Asan Medical Center, Korea)
  • GBCC-CACA Joint Session: 
    GBCC-CACA Joint Session107
  • Venue:  RM 5 (Art Hall)
  • Symposium 8: 
    Antibody Drug Conjugates: Reshaping the Landscape of Breast Cancer Treatment70
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates: The Evolution of Development and Current Landscape in Breast Cancer
    Cristina Saura
     (Vall d´Hebron Univ. Hospital (HUVH), Spain)
  • Unresolved Problem in Real-World Practice: Toxicities and Management of Brain Metastases
     (, )
  • Future Directions: Resistance Mechanism of ADCs and Strategies to Overcome
    Sarat Chandarlapaty
     (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • Debate Session: 
    Debate Session94
  • Venue:  RM 2 (Grand 1)
  • Education Session 6: 
    Estrogen, Obesity, and Sarcopenia: Biology and Life Style82
  • Venue:  RM 3 (Walker Hall 1)
  • Overview Estrogen Pathway and Association with Obesity in Breast Cancer
    Jiuda Zhao
     (Qinghai Univ., China)
  • Effect of Adjuvant Treatment on Obesity, Sarcopenia in Breast Cancer Patients
    Young-Jin Suh
     (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, St. Vincent's Hospital, Korea)
  • The Role of Obesity and Sarcopenia in Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy
     (, )
  • Session on HBOC: 
    Session on HBOC83
  • Venue:  RM 4 (Walker Hall 2)
  • Long-Term Outcome of BRCA1/2 Mutation with Breast Cancer in Asia
    Ava Kwong
     (The Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Is It Time BRCA1/2 Genetic Test as a Companion Diagnosis of Breast Cancer?
    Seigo Nakamura
     (Showa Univ. School of Medicine, Japan)
  • Gastric Cancer Risk and Management in BRCA1/2 Mutation
    Yoon Young Choi
     (Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Bucheon, Korea)
  • ABCN Business Meeting: 
    ABCN Business Meeting108
  • Venue:  RM 5 (Art Hall)
  • Satellite Symposium 4: 
    Satellite Symposium 4114
  • Venue:  RM 1 (Vista 1+2)

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