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Scientific Program
Program at a Glance
Scientific Program
Invited Speakers
  • Symposium 1: 
    Evolving Treatment Strategies for ER+/HER2- Breast Cancer
  • Venue:  RM 1(Vista 1+2)
  • Upfront Surgery vs. Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy to Optimize Locoregional Management in ER+/HER2- Breast Cancer
    Wonshik Han
     (Seoul National Univ. Hospital, Korea)
  • Beyond Endocrine Therapy for High-risk Early ER+/HER2- Breast Cancer After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
    Masakazu Toi
     (Kyoto Univ. Hospital, Japan)
  • Various Targeted Therapies for Advanced ER+/HER- Breast Cancer: To Whom Should We Give Which?
    Komal Jhaveri
     (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • Panel Discussion 1: 
    Challenges of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Fields of Breast Cancer Care
  • Venue:  RM 2(Vista 3)
  • AI Meets Surgeon, Where Are We and How to Use?
    Beomseok Ko
     (ASAN Medical Center, Korea)
  • Application of AI-based Breast Imaging and Diagnosis
    Heang-Ping Chan
     (Univ. of Michigan, U.S.A.)
  • The Use of AI for Personalized Radiation Therapy
    Bum-Sup Jang
     (Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital, Korea)
  • Education Session 1: 
    Breast Cancer Screening in the Era of Precision Medicine
  • Venue:  RM 3(Walker Hall 1)
  • Implementing Risk Assessment in the Routine Practice
    Su Hyun Lee
     (Seoul National Univ. Hospital, Korea)
  • Novel Paradigms for Tailored Screening including Contrast Mammography and MRI
    Christopher E. Comstock
     (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • AI in Screening and Diagnostic Breast Imaging
    Jung Hyun Yoon
     (Severance Hospital, Korea)
  • Oral Presentation 1
  • Venue:  RM 4(Walker Hall 2)
  • GBCC-JBCS Joint Session 1
  • Venue:  RM 5(Art Hall)
  • Symposium 2: 
    Novel Breakthrough in the Treatment of HER2+ Breast Cancer
  • Venue:  RM 1(Vista 1+2)
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates and Engineered Antibodies
    Yoon-Sim Yap
     (National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore)
  • HER2 Targeted TKI: Overview and Overcoming Resistance
    Shaheenah Dawood
     (Mediclinic City Hospital, U.A.E.)
  • A New Promise: HER2 Vaccines and Immunotherapy
    Kyong Hwa Park
     (Korea Univ. Anam Hospital, Korea)
  • Panel Discussion 2: 
    Nationwide Big Data for Clinical Research in Breast Cancer
  • Venue:  RM 2(Vista 3)
  • Leveraging Large Data Bases (SEER/NCDB) to Create Scientific Rigor for Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer
    Mehra Golshan
     (Yale Cancer Center, U.S.A.)
  • Breast Cancer Research Using National Health Insurance Database in Korea
    Jihyoun Lee
     (Soon Chun Hyang Univ. Hospital Seoul, Korea)
  • Clinicopathological Characteristics of Male Breast Cancer in Japan from the National Clinical Database
    Akihiko Shimomura
     (National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan)
  • Education Session 2: 
    Update in the Management of Adverse Events
  • Venue:  RM 3(Walker Hall 1)
  • Management of Cardiac Toxicity
    Woo-Baek Chung
     (Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea)
  • Management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting
    Toshiaki Saeki
     (Saitama Medical Univ. International Medical Center, Japan)
  • Oral Presentation 2
  • Venue:  RM 4(Walker Hall 2)
  • GBCC-JBCS Joint Session 2
  • Venue:  RM 5(Art Hall)
  • Plenary Lecture 1
  • Venue:  RM 1(Vista 1+2)
  • Targeting Homologous Recombination Deficient Breast Cancer: Moving from Advanced to Early Disease
    Andrew Tutt
     (King’s College London School of Medicine, UK)
  • Satellite Symposium 1
  • Venue:  RM 1(Vista 1+2)
  • Plenary Lecture 2
  • Venue:  RM 1(Vista 1+2)
  • Harnessing the Value Afforded by Whole Genome Sequencing of Breast Cancers
    Serena Nik-Zainal
     (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
  • Panel Discussion 3: 
    Fertility Preservation for Younger Breast Cancer Patients
  • Venue:  RM 2(Vista 3)
  • How I Perform Fertility Preservation in Breast Cancer Patients
    Matteo Lambertini
     (IRCCS Policlinico San Martino Hospital - Univ. of Genova, Italy)
  • Ovarian Function After Breast Cancer Treatment: Asian Experience
    Heejeong Kim
     (ASAN Medical Center, Korea)
  • Shared Decision Making for Fertility Preservation
    Ling-Ming Tseng
     (Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
  • Education Session 3: 
    Optimal Therapy for Women with Early Breast Cancer
  • Venue:  RM 3(Walker Hall 1)
  • Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
    Bora Lim
     (Baylor College of Medicine, U.S.A.)
  • Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Treatment for HER2-positive Breast Cancer
    Joohyuk Sohn
     (Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine, Korea)
  • Use of Multigene Assay in HR+HER2- Breast Cancer
    Tom Wei-Wu Chen
     (National Taiwan Univ. Hospital, Taiwan)
  • Endoscopic and Robotic Breast Session: 
    Recent Updates for Endoscopic and Robotic Breast Surgery
  • Venue:  RM 4(Walker Hall 2)
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: Multi-port Robotic Mastectomy
    Hung-Wen Lai
     (Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan)
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: Single-port Robotic Mastectomy
    Hyung Seok Park
     (Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine, Korea)
  • Recent Updates for Endoscopic Mastectomy with Axillary Surgery
    Chi Wei Mok
     (Changi General Hospital, Singhealth Duke NUS Breast Centre, Singapore)
  • Endoscopic/Robotic Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Tissue Flap
    Jung Dug Yang
     (Kyungpook National Univ. School of Medicine, Korea)
  • GBCC Sino-Korean Joint Session
  • Venue:  RM 5(Art Hall)
  • Panel Discussion 4: 
    Geriatric Oncology for Elderly Breast Cancer Patients
  • Venue:  RM 2(Vista 3)
  • Is It safe to Omit Radiotherapy After Breast Conserving Surgery in Elderly Patients?
    Icro Meattini
     (Univ. of Florence, Italy)
  • Survival Benefit of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients with Multiple Comorbidities
    Akimitsu Yamada
     (Yokohama City Univ. Hospital, Japan)
  • Prediction of Severe Toxicity in Older Adults Receiving Chemotherapy for Early-stage Breast Cancer
    In Sook Woo
     (The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Yeouido St. Mary's Hospital, Korea)
  • Education Session 4: 
    Tailored Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in ER+ Breast Cancer
  • Venue:  RM 3(Walker Hall 1)
  • Optimal Treatment Options for High Risk ER+ Breast Cancer
    Maria-Joao Cardoso
     (Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal)
  • Extended Endocrine Therapy, Optimal Duration and Sequence
    Sung Hoon Sim
     (National Cancer Center, Korea)
  • Ovarian Suppression with/without Adjuvant Chemotherapy in High-risk Premenopausal Patients
    Shin-Cheh Chen
     (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)
  • OPBS Session: 
    Future Perspectives in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: From Personal to Professional
  • Venue:  RM 4(Walker Hall 2)
  • Programs and Training System in SOS
    Gail S. Lebovic
     (The Society of Oncoplastic Surgery, U.S.A.)
  • Evidence Reviews of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
    Visnu Lohsiriwat
     (Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol Univ., Thailand)
  • Overcoming Hurdles in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
    Jeeyeon Lee
     (Kyungpook National Univ. Chilgok Hospital, Korea)
  • Plastic Surgeon's Perspective for Better Reconstruction Outcomes
    Ung Sik Jin
     (Seoul National Univ. Hospital, Korea)
  • GBCC-TBCS Joint Session
  • Venue:  RM 5(Art Hall)

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