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Abstract Topic
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No. Abstract Category Topics Included
1 Epidemiology, Risk and Prevention Hereditary Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing, Health Promotion & Cancer Education, Breast Cancer Risk Reduction, Ethnic/Racial Aspects, Life-style Factors
2 Tumor and Cell Biology  
3 Screening and Imaging Radiology, Screening Program
4 Detection and Diagnosis Pathology, Liquid Biopsy and Biopsy Techniques, Surveillance
Local Treatment
5 Breast Surgery  
6 Axillary Staging  
7 Oncoplastic Surgery/Reconstruction  
8 Radiation Therapy  
Systemic Treatment
9 Chemotherapy   
10 Endocrine Therapy  
11 Targeted Therapy  
12 Immunotherapy  
13 New Drugs and Developmental Therapy  
14 Predictive and Prognostic Factors Biomarkers, Genomic Assays
15 Survivorship and Palliative Care Quality of life, Pain, Distress Management, Psychosocial Care, Patient Advocacy, Fertility and Ovarian Function, Sexuality, etc.
16 Oncology Nursing  
17 Ongoing Clinical Trials  
18 Others Case Report, Health Policy

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